Version 0.6 Alpha
Group Minecraft 1.9
Date 2016-05-16
Changelog Bugfixes

Fixed Destructor not playing block break sound
Fixed Constructor not playing block place sound
Fixed picking up from crafting result slot
Fixed being able to use right click on crafting result slot
Fixed item duplication issue with the Interface
Fixed Importers and Exporters not working when changing facing with a wrench
Fixed Crafting Grid not respecting remainder in recipes
Fixed Crafting Grid giving back the wrong amount of items when shift clicking
Fixed items disappearing in Grid when doing a weird combination of inputs
Fixed Solderer not stacking items
Fixed Importer voiding Storage Disks from the Disk Drive
Fixed Controller not saving energy


Added autocrafting
Massive performance improvements which reduces lag and lets machines connect almost instantly
Added the Pattern Grid
Added the Crafting Monitor
Added the Crafter
Added the Processing Pattern Encoder
Added a Pattern item
Added the Wireless Transmitter
Added Speed Upgrades which are applicable on a bunch of machines
Added Range Upgrades for in the Wireless Transmitter
Added Crafting Upgrades
Changed Grid modes to have a autoselected option
Added recipe category -> item JEI integration
Added Storage Housing