Version 0.8.13 Beta
Group Minecraft 1.10.2
Date 2016-07-31
Changelog Bugfixes

Fixed rendering crash with Disk Drive
Fixed crash when quickly toggling sorting direction in Grid
Fixed not being able to clear exporter row in interface


Added config option to set the base energy usage of the Controller (default is 0)
Added Grid Filter item to filter items in any Grid
Added support for processing patterns with big stacksizes
Added Network Transmitter, Network Receiver and Network Cards
The slot where the Wireless Grid is in in the Wireless Grid GUI is now disabled, so the item can't be thrown out of the inventory by accident
Changed Relay recipe to use redstone torch instead of Basic Processor
Placed machines now face the block they are placed on, like hoppers

NOTE: Config change: the config options for the energy capacity of the Controller and wether the Controller uses energy are now in a different config category called "controller", if you changed these config options, don't forget the change it under the new category.