Version 1.7 Alpha
Group Minecraft 1.14.4
Date 2019-11-02
Changelog NOTE: This is an alpha release. Bugs may happen. Remember to take backups.

Port to Minecraft 1.14 (raoulvdberge)
Removed the Reader and Writer, this will return later in an addon mod (raoulvdberge)
Removed cross dimensional functionality on the Network Transmitter for the moment, this will return later (raoulvdberge)
Removed covers (raoulvdberge)
Fixed the Fluid Grid not having a View type setting (raoulvdberge)
Oredict mode for Patterns has been replaced with "Exact mode" (by default on). When exact mode is off, Refined Storage will use equivalent items or fluids from the Minecraft item/fluid tag system (raoulvdberge)
Grid filtering with "$" now does filtering based on item/fluid tag name instead of oredict name (raoulvdberge)
When binding a network item to a network you can now bind to any network block, not only the Controller (raoulvdberge)