Version 1.8.3 Beta
Group Minecraft 1.15.2
Date 2020-04-29
Changelog Added a new experimental autocrafting engine that's enabled by default. This should improve autocrafting performance (Darkere)
Wireless Transmitters can now be placed on any block and in any direction (raoulvdberge)
Fixed Exporter not exporting anything when using a Stack Upgrade and there isn't space for 64 items in the inventory (raoulvdberge)
Fixed Controller always using the base usage even when turned off (raoulvdberge)
Added the Regulator Upgrade that can be inserted into a Exporter. This ensures a certain amount of items and fluids is kept in stock in a connected inventory (raoulvdberge)
Fixed severe memory leak in the storage cache (raoulvdberge)
Added debug logging on the server when an expensive operation occurs (raoulvdberge)