Version 1.8.5 Beta
Group Minecraft 1.15.2
Date 2020-06-18
Changelog Cancelling a crafting task now also unlocks all Crafters related to that task (Darkere)
External Storage will now always show the exact maximum capacity as reported by the attached inventory (Darkere)
Crafters no longer expose their inventory to the side they are facing (Darkere)
Fixed Portable Grid voiding the disk when extracting with full inventory (Darkere)
Fixed Constructor extracting 2 buckets when placing fluid (Darkere)
Fixed Stack Overflow error with regulator upgrades (Darkere)
Fixed visual bug with the Detector not updating its values (Darkere)
Fixed Constructor placing the filtered item instead of the extracted (Darkere)
Fixed duplication bug with filter slots (Darkere)
Fixed shift crafting in a Grid not using the player (Darkere)
Re-added all the language files (TheDirectorX)
Added Japanese translation file (KusozakoAtama10k)
Changed package name to "com.refinedmods.refinedstorage", this is a breaking change for addons (raoulvdberge)
Fixed bug where shift clicking gives too many items (Darkere)