Version 1.9.10
Group Minecraft 1.16.4
Date 2021-01-02
Changelog Improve performance of the Grid view (ScoreUnder)
Fixed Disk Manipulator model glitches (Darkere)
Improve performance of the Disk Manipulator (Darkere)
Fixed being unable to set quantity in output slots of the Pattern Grid (Darkere)
Fixed External Storage in fluid mode losing track of fluids sometimes (Darkere)
Added code to avoid / minimize data corruption issues caused by Minecraft (Darkere)
Fixed processing autocrafting orders stealing items from each other (Darkere)
Fixed Constructor in fluid mode voiding fluid source blocks in front of it (Darkere)
Update Japanese translation (alyxferrari)
Fixed crash when recoloring blocks that have no rotation component (Darkere)
Fixed reloading resource packs breaking Refined Storage textures (Darkere)