Version 1.9.13
Group Minecraft 1.16.5
Date 2021-06-14
Changelog Fixed count on Storage Monitor having Z fighting (tivec)
Fixed items on Storage Monitor not being flat (raoulvdberge)
Removed experimental pipeline nagging message (raoulvdberge)
Fixed crash when using an External Storage on a fluid inventory (jeremiahwinsley)
Added some performance improvements for autocrafting (necauqua, Darkere)
Fixed a memory leak in the pattern cache (necauqua)
Fixed Detector crashing when dyed (Darkere)
Fixed autocrafting being stuck after clicking "Start" (necauqua)
Fixed Crafting Monitor not being able to show hours (Darkere)
Fixed capacity rendering of infinite storages (Darkere)
Fixed wrong alignment for the JEI request autocrafting tooltip (Darkere)
Fixed mobs getting stuck in Refined Storage cables (Darkere)
Fixed dismantling storage blocks ignoring stack size (Darkere)
Fixed Ice and Fire banners breaking with Refined Storage (Darkere, necauqua)
Fixed empty keybinding causing GL errors (Darkere)
Fixed some parts of the Japanese translation (akihironagai)
Fixed rendering issue on blocks when using OptiFine (ylou)