Version 1.9.16
Group Minecraft 1.16.5
Date 2021-11-16
Changelog Added Covers for all cable types! (Buuz135)
Improved JEI integration to pick the best option when transferring items (Darkere)
Fixed an issue where too many items in a grid would kick the player (Darkere)
Fixed an issue where the portable grid does not open from Inventory anymore after some use (Darkere)
Fixed craftable view in grids not showing items that were already in storage (BlueAgent)
Fixed Wireless Crafting Monitor not working as Curio (Darkere)
Fixed wrong slot being locked in some cases when opening Wireless Item (Darkere)
Slightly sped up External Storage item look up (necauqua)
Fixed extraction from Storage Monitor not respecting maximum stack size (Darkere)
Added Polish translation (joker876)
Added Italian translation (maicol07)
Addons can now override how Crafters insert items (Darkere)