v0.6.0-alpha Alpha


  • Added autocrafting.
  • Added the Pattern Grid.
  • Added the Crafting Monitor.
  • Added the Crafter.
  • Added the Processing Pattern Encoder.
  • Added a Pattern item.
  • Added the Wireless Transmitter.
  • Added Speed Upgrades which are applicable on a bunch of machines.
  • Added Range Upgrades for in the Wireless Transmitter.
  • Added Crafting Upgrades.
  • Added recipe category -> item JEI integration.
  • Added Storage Housing.


  • Changed Grid modes to have a autoselected option.


  • Fixed Destructor not playing block break sound.
  • Fixed Constructor not playing block place sound.
  • Fixed picking up from crafting result slot.
  • Fixed being able to use right click on crafting result slot.
  • Fixed item duplication issue with the Interface.
  • Fixed Importers and Exporters not working when changing facing with a wrench.
  • Fixed Crafting Grid not respecting remainder in recipes.
  • Fixed Crafting Grid giving back the wrong amount of items when shift clicking.
  • Fixed items disappearing in Grid when doing a weird combination of inputs.
  • Fixed Solderer not stacking items.
  • Fixed Importer voiding Storage Disks from the Disk Drive.
  • Fixed Controller not saving energy.
  • Massive performance improvements which reduces lag and lets machines connect almost instantly.