• Added fluid autocrafting.
  • Added Crafting Upgrade support for fluids on the Exporter, Constructor and Fluid Interface.
  • Added config option to hide covers in the creative mode tabs and JEI.


  • The Portable Grid now supports fluid disks.
  • Filters now support fluids and can be inserted in the Fluid Grid.
  • You can now keep fluids in stock by attaching a External Storage in fluid mode to a Fluid Interface with a Crafting Upgrade.
  • You can now specify the amount to export in the Fluid Interface.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Overhauled and updated German translation.
  • The Crafting Upgrade no longer schedules requests when there are items or fluids missing.
  • Made the Crafting Preview window bigger.


  • Fixed crash log when opening Pattern Grid GUI.
  • Fixed being able to put non fluid containers in Fluid Interface input slot.
  • Fixed Grid filters not updating Grid.


  • Removed “emit signal when item is being autocrafted” option in the Detector.