• Added fluid functions for the fluid autocrafting to the OpenComputers integration.


  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Slightly increased performance of the External Storage.


  • Fixed client FPS stalling when using “@” mod search in the Grid.
  • Fixed client FPS stalling when using “#” tooltip search in the Grid.
  • Fixed fluid inputs/outputs in the Pattern Grid not being set when you re-insert a Pattern with fluid inputs/outputs.
  • Fixed bug where the Pattern Grid doesn’t update it’s output slot when manually configuring a crafting pattern.
  • Fixed network node scanning allowing multiple controllers in some cases.
  • Fixed OpenComputers integration not giving back a crafting task instance in the schedule task API.
  • Fixed OpenComputers integration causing log spam when getting processing patterns.
  • Fixed OpenComputers voiding items with extract item API when there is no inventory space.
  • Fixed CraftingTweaks buttons resetting sometimes in the Crafting Grid.
  • Fixed Refined Storage jars not being signed.
  • Fixed crafting task stalling when there’s not enough space in the inventory.
  • Fixed another duplication bug with a disconnected Crafting Grid.
  • Fixed oredict mode in autocrafting not working at all.


  • Removed getMissingItem.
  • Removed the Interdimensional Upgrade, Network Transmitters are now cross dimensional by default.
  • Removed the per block FE cost of the Network Transmitter, it draws a fixed amount of FE/t now.