• Added new Crafter modes: ignore redstone signal, redstone signal unlocks autocrafting, redstone signal locks autocrafting and redstone pulse inserts next set.
  • Added a config option to configure the autocrafting calculation timeout in milliseconds.
  • Added throttling for network devices that can request autocrafting.


  • Renamed Cut Processors to Raw Processors and those are now made with Processor Binding instead of a Cutting Tool.
  • You can no longer start a crafting task if it has missing items or fluids.
  • The Security Manager now supports Security Cards that have no player assigned to them. It is the default security card for players that aren’t configured.
  • If no default Security Card is configured in the Security Manager, an unconfigured player is allowed to do everything in the network. Create a default Security Card.


  • Fixed an autocrafting bug where it crashed when external inventories couldn’t be filled.
  • Fixed a duplication bug with a disconnected Crafting Grid.
  • Fixed oredict autocrafting sometimes reporting that a craftable item is missing.
  • Fixed fluid autocrafting without item inputs locking when there’s not enough space for the fluids.
  • Fixed Grid “last changed” date not changing when using clear button or JEI transfer.
  • Fixed a duplication bug when pressing clear on a Wireless Crafting Grid from Refined Storage Addons.
  • Fixed a duplication bug with autocrafting and External Storages.
  • Fixed Crafting Manager displaying wrong name for chained crafters connected to some blocks.
  • Fixed crafting task losing internal buffer when network runs out of energy.


  • Removed handling of reusable items in autocrafting, to avoid problems.