Getting started

Core concepts

Refined Storage is a storage mod where you can build a storage network made up of devices. Those devices manipulate your storage.

In this tutorial, you’ll craft a Disk Drive. A Disk Drive can contain item or fluid storage disks. Those disks will provide your storage network with storage. If you insert or extract an item, it will use the data on your disks.

You’ll also craft a Grid. Through that block, you can modify your storage (which will modify the data on your disks).

Before crafting any of these devices, you’ll first craft a Controller, which ties the entire network together.

A minimal setup

Step 0: Installing optional dependencies

Refined Storage works perfectly without any additional mods, but you might want to include some extra mods to make your life easier.

Step 1: The Controller

Craft the Controller. The Controller is the “core” of your storage network. You’ll be connecting all the Refined Storage devices to this block.

The Controller needs energy. More specifically, Forge Energy or RF. Lots of mods that generate energy support this.

Step 2: Storage and accessing your items

Craft a Disk Drive and a 1k Storage Disk to store your items.

You can craft a higher tier of Storage Disk, but for simplicity sake we’re going for a 1k, which can store 1.000 items.

Put the 1k Storage Disk in the Disk Drive and craft a Grid to access your items.

Connect those blocks to the Controller with Cable, but you can also just place them next to each other in any direction.

Step 3: Viewing your storage

You are now able to insert and extract items in the Grid.

Disks in block form

You can also use the various storage blocks instead of disks.