Grid Grid Since: 0.3

The Grid is a block that allows access to the items and fluids in the storage network.

The player can extract items or fluids from the central GUI.


Type Description
Left click Takes at most 64 items
Right click Takes at most 32 items
Middle click Takes 1 item (removed since v1.9.7)
SHIFT + Mouse scroll in the player inventory Pushes 1 item to or from the player’s inventory (since v1.9.7)
SHIFT + Mouse scroll in the Grid inventory Pushes 1 item to or from the Grid inventory (since v1.9.7)
CTRL + Mouse scroll Pushes 1 item to or from the player’s mouse (since v1.9.7)
SHIFT Pushes the items to the player’s inventory
SHIFT + CTRL Forces the crafting window to open even if the item or fluid is available
CTRL + X Clears crafting matrix
Right click on search bar Clears the search query
Tab Selects the search bar when the Grid isn’t in autoselection mode
When in the crafting start GUI, pressing SHIFT Skips the crafting preview window


The items or fluids in a Grid can be sorted in various ways:

  • By name
  • By quantity
  • By item ID
  • Last modified
  • InventoryTweaks sorting (only available if InventoryTweaks is installed)

The sorting direction can also be chosen (ascending or descending).

Search box modes

Type Description
Normal The default search box mode
Normal (autoselected) Autoselects the search box
JEI synchronized Synchronizes the search box with JEI
JEI synchronized (autoselected) Synchronizes the search box with JEI and autoselects the search box

Search box filters

Mod ID or name

Prefix your search query with @ followed by the mod ID or name to only show items of said mod.

You can also give search terms after that, so it’ll only display certain items of that mod.

For example:


Prefix your search query with # followed by the tooltip text to search for.

Oredict (Refined Storage 1.6.x or lower)

Prefix your search query with $ followed by the oredict name.

For example: $ingot will only show ingots, because those are listed as ingotIron, ingotGold, … in the ore dictionary.

Tags (Refined Storage 1.7.x or higher)

Prefix your search query with $ followed by the tag name.

For example: $gem will show all items marked as a gem in the item tags.

Searching multiple items

You can use the | symbol to search for multiple items at once.

For example: to look for ingots and dirt, use: ingot|dirt.

Search box history

Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the search box history.


In the sidebar of the Grid there are slots where the player can insert filters to filter certain items in the Grid.


A Grid can also have tabs. When clicking on the tab, only items configured in the Filter are visible.

To use tabs in the Grid, make a Filter with an icon specified.

To have more than 4 tabs, put a Filter in a Filter.


The size of any Grid can be configured as well:

  • Stretched (default)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

When choosing the stretched size, the Grid will take up all the vertical screen space. This can be limited through the maxRowsStretch config option.


The Grid can be configured to only show craftable items or only non-craftable items.

By default, the tooltips for items in a Grid are a little bit bigger to display the total item count and the last modified information. This can be turned off by using the detailedTooltip config option.

By default, the Grid uses a small font size to display item or fluid quantities. Use the largeFont config option to change this.

Remember search query

The Grid can be configured to remember the search query when closing and re-opening the GUI. You can do this by modifying the rememberSearchQuery config option.

Prevent sorting while shift is down

By default, the Grid doesn’t perform sorting when you’re shift clicking items out of the storage network. This is done to prevent items and fluids shifting around your screen.

As soon as you stop pressing the shift key, the view is sorted again.

To disable this behavior, modify the preventSortingWhileShiftIsDown config option.


You can recolor this block in 2 ways:

  • Using a dye on the block
  • Combining the block with a dye as a crafting recipe