Portable Grid Portable Grid

The Portable Grid is a portable storage that isn’t connected to a network. It allows you to interact with a Storage Disk while not being connected to a network.

As soon as you insert a Storage Disk, you can access the contents of your Storage Disk in the grid view.

It’s essentially a Disk Drive and Grid in one block or item. It can be placed in the world, or, be used as a handheld device as well.

To place it in the world hold the Portable Grid while sneaking.

Energy behavior

To use the Portable Grid the item or block needs Forge Energy.

The Portable Grid draws energy on following actions:

Action Amount of Forge Energy drawed
Opening the Portable Grid 30 FE
Extracting an item or fluid from storage 3 FE
Inserting an item or fluid to storage 3 FE