The Crafter is a block that crafts items with patterns. It can take speed upgrades to increase the crafting speed.

With processing patterns, the Crafter has to face the correct input side of the machine.


A Crafter can be chained by letting them face each other.

This is useful when connecting a Crafter to a single machine. When you run out of slots in your first Crafter, the one facing the machine, you can put another Crafter behind the first Crafter to get additional Pattern slots.

Crafter modes

The Crafter has 4 modes:

  • Ignore redstone signal (default)

  • Redstone signal unlocks autocrafting

  • Redstone signal locks autocrafting

  • Redstone pulse inserts next set

The (un)locking mechanism is used to block the Crafter, so it can’t insert items or fluids into the connected inventory.

"Blocking mode" can be achieved with the "Redstone pulse inserts next set" mode.

See Locking and unlocking for more details.


You can recolor the Crafter in 2 ways:

  • Using a dye on the Crafter

  • Combining the block with a dye as a crafting recipe

Applicable upgrades