What are processing recipes?

So far, in Getting started with autocrafting you learnt how to automate regular crafting recipes.

What if you want to automate the creation of items that don’t involve a crafting recipe, like ores to ingots in a furnace?

For this you use processing patterns.

Processing patterns

You can create processing patterns in the Pattern Grid by toggling the "processing" checkbox.

The GUI will change and it’ll allow you to define up to 9 inputs and outputs.

  • Inputs is what Refined Storage will extract from your storage network.

  • Outputs are what Refined Storage expects back in the network when the item has processed.


Let’s say you want to automate Iron Ore to Iron Ingot.

Inserting the pattern

Make a Crafter and let it face the machine in a way it can input it in the correct slot.

Insert the processing Pattern you just created in the Crafter facing the machine.

When you now request the item, Refined Storage will insert the inputs in the machine.

You do need to get the item manually back in the storage network so Refined Storage knows that the item has been processed. You can use any device to get the item back in the storage network, like an Interface or Importer.

Allowed tags

The allowed tags system in Refined Storage allows the player to decide which items or fluids can be used as alternatives when the original specified item or fluid isn’t found in the storage network.

These tags are retrieved from Minecraft’s tag system. You can specify the allowed tags in the Pattern Grid.

Chaining crafters

You can chain crafters to connect multiple crafters to the same machine.