I have an idea for a feature that can be toggled on or off with an config option!

Refined Storage doesn’t do config options for features or things that change behavior in general. Why not?

  • The experience players have with Refined Storage can differ between modpacks and that can be confusing

  • Issues will be created by players wondering why their favorite feature doesn’t work in modpack A, but does in modpack B

  • Putting features or behaviors behind a config option makes it harder to maintain

  • With bug reports we’d have to ask if the feature is toggled on or off in the config

  • Bugs might get noticed later since it’s behind a config option and thus less visible

Not including "X" in Refined Storage makes this mod useless when mods like "Y" aren’t installed!

The philosophy of the mod is to have as less overlap with other mods and to only focus on the storage network part of the mod. If other mods are required to achieve something, that isn’t a problem.


  • Autocrafting needs an external bucket filling machine in order to convert fluids to buckets

  • Energy that Refined Storage uses needs to be generated with another mod

What is the difference between Refined Storage and Applied Energistics?

Refined Storage is the simpler of the two and was heavily based off of AE1.

AE2 has been around for years and was a direct descendent of AE1, while RS is much younger and started mostly scratch with AE (both versions) as inspiration.

A lot of people prefer the simplicity of RS, while a similarly large portion of people prefer AE2’s complexity due to enjoying the puzzle aspects.

Can I use this mod in my private/public mod pack?

Yes, you don’t need to ask permission.

Can I connect Refined Storage to my Applied Energistics 2 system, or vice-versa?

No, you can’t.

You might’ve found an issue on our issue tracker that says you can, but no, you can’t.

Is there a Refined Storage for MC 1.7.10?

No, there isn’t.

Will you make a Refined Storage for MC 1.7.10?

No, I won’t.

Is there a way to have infinite Wireless Transmitter range?

It’s not possible if you’re using the base Refined Storage mod, or Refined Storage Addons. You’ll have to find an addon mod which does add such functionality.

Alternatively, you can increase the range in the Refined Storage config file to be infinite.

Is there a way to request autocrafting in the Grid if I already have the item or fluid?

Yes! There are many helpful key and mouse bindings for the grid.

I found an issue/bug with Refined Storage!

Head over to our issue tracker on GitHub and report it there.