So far you’ve set up autocrafting for items. Since Refined Storage has support for storing fluids as well, it speaks for itself that Refined Storage can also autocraft with fluids.

Every autocrafting pattern that uses fluids is a processing pattern. If you forgot, a processing pattern is a Pattern that outputs items to an external inventory and expects an output back, as declared in the Pattern.

With fluid autocrafting, you get the ability to make the Crafter output fluids (or items), and when the "result" fluid (or item) is back in the storage network, Refined Storage will detect the task and mark it as finished.

This means that you can also declare fluids as an output in the processing pattern. It also means that you can request fluids from the Fluid Grid.

You can mix fluid and item inputs/outputs freely.

Creation of the mixed pattern

To make a mixed (fluid or item) processing pattern, toggle the Pattern Grid in fluid or item mode.

You can then use JEI (Just Enough Items) transfer to transfer item and fluid ingredients. You can also use a filled fluid container (like a bucket) to specify the fluid.

Use left or right click on the fluid slot to modify the millibuckets (mB).

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