The Detector is a block that emits a redstone signal if an item, or fluid count matches a given amount.

It is also possible to be NBT or damage sensitive.

Types of criteria

Criteria Explanation


Emits a signal when lower than the given amount


Emits a signal when higher than the given amount


Emits a signal when equal to the given amount

Checking the total count in the storage

When no item/fluid, is specified, the criteria won’t care about the count of a specific item/fluid, but rather the count of all items/fluids, in the storage.

Amounts in fluid mode

When the Detector is in fluid mode, the amount given is in millibuckets (mB).

If you want to check for 1 bucket of a fluid, use 1000, not 1.


You can recolor the Detector in 2 ways:

  • Using a dye on the Detector

  • Combining the block with a dye as a crafting recipe