You can use the Grid, Crafting Grid or Fluid Grid to view resources in your network.

Wireless access

Refined Storage has extensive wireless abilities to access your storage network remotely.

Craft a Wireless Grid and right click it on a Controller.

Craft a Wireless Transmitter and add it to your network. You can now access your storage in a radius around the Wireless Transmitter.

Want a higher range? Simply place multiple wireless transmitters around your world, but not next to each other.

Portable Grid

Want to access an individual storage disk? Use a Portable Grid.

Give it energy and insert a disk, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t depend on a storage network.

Storage Monitor

Want to see how much you have of an item in your storage network? Connect a Storage Monitor and configure an item to display.

You can then see how much you have of that item and interact with it by inserting or extracting multiple items at once.