Installing Refined Storage is the same as for any other Forge mod.

Setting up Forge

You’ll need a working Forge instance to use Refined Storage. You can use launchers like MultiMC or even the vanilla launcher to do this.

Instructions for setting up a Forge instance are plenty online and are out of scope for this wiki.

Downloading the mod

Download a Refined Storage .jar file for your Minecraft version from official sources:

Installing the mod

Once you have the .jar file, place it in the mods/ directory of your Forge instance. You may have to start up your instance at least once so Forge can autogenerate the mods/ directory.

CurseForge/Twitch launcher

When you’re using a launcher like the CurseForge/Twitch launcher, you can install Refined Storage in an instance with one click without having to copy over .jar files.

Configuring the mod

Changing the configuration isn’t needed in most cases. If you need to do this, you can:

  • Change server-specific configuration in saves/<your-world-name>/serverconfig/refinedstorage-server.toml

  • Change client-specific configuration in config/refinedstorage-client.toml

Note that server-specific configuration also applies to single player worlds. That is because when you’re playing single player, Minecraft uses an internal server.

Optional dependencies

Refined Storage can work perfectly by itself without any additional mods, but it’s helpful to install a few other mods alongside it.

  • JEI (Just Enough Items): This mod will help you view the recipes of the various items and blocks in the mod.

  • A mod that can generate Forge Energy (also known as FE or RF): A Refined Storage network requires energy to run. If you do not want to generate energy, you can disable energy usage in the Refined Storage server-side config (see section above "Configuring the mod"). Change useEnergy under [controller] to false.

  • Crafting Tweaks

  • Curios

  • Inventory Sorter